Tradition and Technology

Using Technology doesn´t mean forgetting Tradition

Elche – Industry Park Novelda. This is where everything started. The idea, the project, the business, and then the brand.
Something traditional, but different
Making shoes means understanding lots of concept that are not just related to the machinery. Ergonomy, style, design and quality are the fundaments of what may be the real challenge for us: make men fell different from head to feet.

Shoe Design and making has experienced a huge evolution in the las decades. Some people still have in mind this old shoemaker in his garage with his hammer, his thread and needles.The tradition is still there. We are talking about this genuine tradition of spanish shoe making. Next to it we have decided to approach new materials that may improve ergonomy and durability.

Technology at the service of Footwear
Designig a pair of shoes involves lots of variables such as health, efficiency, fashion and much more. All those concepts are considered from the moment we think about the new shoe until it’s put on store shelves. And this would’t be possible without the use of the newes design programs and the most advanced machinery.

Skins and fabrics
assembling various types of materials requieres a perfect knowledge of strenghs and resistances, specially when we want the shoe to last until you don’t want to wear it anymore. And this moment will happen much before a becool shoe is broken…