Unique and smart designs.

Believe in the different and bet on the most daring designs. In Becool we take care of the quality in each one of our designs. The most important thing? Quality, design and comfort. A Becool shoe is a different, unique and special shoe. We believe in innovation and development. We are inspired by urban art to create our collections. The classic? We also like it. That's why we have shoes for all tastes and all styles. With Becool we want to reach everyone.

The urban spirit represents us.

The most groundbreaking sneakers.

And you, what 'Becool' are you?


Becool philosophy

Since 1992 our goal is for every man to feel free and safe wearing Becool shoes. We like to take risks in our designs, we want you to wear your feet with smart and trendy models. Each one of our shoes is made with high quality materials, Made in Spain. We have our own design studio that supports the manufacturing process of each of our shoes.


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  • Adress: C/Ronda Vall D´Uxo, number 28, 03206 ELCHE (Alicante)
  • Phone: +34 965 469 212